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Google ADS for Massage SPA in Naples, Fl.

Amazing advertising case: business with a very common digital setup shows $7 in return on every $1 of advertising spend.

🤫 I have permission to share some numbers, but “offer”- key to success of advertising campaign.

This month I design offer for your business as a bonus with every advertising setup service. Great offer makes people click at you advertising, understands value of your product and validates the price. It will become another valuable marketing asset for your business, that sales your service for you.

Getting back to case. One amazing offer generated us 40 calls in 3 weeks. SPA administrator perfectly worked out with incoming calls and set 20 new clients appointments.

As a marketer, I can’t resist counting someone’s else moneys 🤑, so let’s do the maths: 20 appointments x average 1 hour massage rate $120 made at least $2400.

If we stop our calculations here, it still will be not bad return on ads spend. ROAS $2400 / $750 = 3.2 read - every advertising dollar earns $3.

But, let’s continue 😊 the owner said 1/3 of all new clients purchased 5 and 10 sessions passes, so let’s add this numbers to our calculations:

1/3 of 20 clients ~ 6 people,

let’s simplify and suggest that all of sold passes were for 5 sessions and cost $500 each.

6 x $500 - at least $3000 additional revenue from this ad campaign

ROAS $2400 + $3000 / $750 = 7.2 read - every advertising dollar earns $7

It can be confusing to decide how much to spend on ads, and what to expect in return. To make data-driven decision and avoid guessing, get my consultation on Google ads budget ($75, 45 minutes). Consultation includes:

  • How many searches for your product in your area,
  • What queries people use when they are looking for your product
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