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More clients from 📲 phone calls! A discovery from SPA Massage case.

Recently we worked with a client - Massage SPA salon in North Naples, Fl, and most people book appointments with them over the phone (the company didn’t have an online booking). Conversion rate calls to clients was 20% - 2 of 10 calls ended up as appointments.

I need to say that answering calls and how many people will become clients after they are called to business is beyond digital marketing responsibilities. However, after reviewing several conversations, we found a way to get more appointments from calls.

Big companies have phone call scripts to convert more calling prospects into clients. A calling script is a written plan or guide that outlines what to say and how to say it during a phone call or other type of communication. It typically includes a series of questions, statements, and prompts that are designed to help the caller achieve a specific goal or objective, such as making a sale.

Small businesses usually don’t have one. But if you implement this one tip, you will convert more calling people into clients:

Once you greet and answer the prospect’s questions - offer an appointment!

It may seem strange, but the administrator in our client’s salon somehow forgot to offer appointments, and after telling them about massages and prices she just hung up the phone. This little improvement allow us to double conversion rate and get 5 appointments of 10 calls.