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Reviews won't post themselves + one tip.

If you are looking for free customer acquisition with Google, you should regularly do these 3 things:

  1. Add short videos about your product or service
  2. Add a booking assistant from Google, if you run a beauty salon, restaurant, or gym.
  3. Ask your clients to post feedback with photos or videos.

There are 3 situations when people post reviews (without your request):

1️⃣ client is extremely happy 😃 with your service

2️⃣ customer is extremely unhappy 😞 with your service

3️⃣ Google maps automatically asked someone who visited your location to share how was the visit

You can manage digital word-of-mouth marketing with these easy tip:

1️⃣ send an email/text with a feedback request and a link where to post it. Send a reminder in a couple of days.

Example + optimization tip:

A month ago, I went for a clear kayak eco-tour in the Weeki Waachi River, and it was an amazing experience to watch manatees.

After the tour, the guide asked all participants for a feedback of how they liked the tour. He suggested scanning a QR code on the sign at the dock to access the place where to post a feedback.

Later that day I received a follow-up email with a review request.

The most interesting in this story (for me as a marketer 😅) was a response to my review. OMG 😳 I didn’t think of it myself! The company uses the response for reviews as an additional business profile optimization opportunity: besides common “thank you for the feedback” they added keywords 👏🏻. See their response 👇🏻, and always use it when responding to your reviews!

More reviews ➡️ higher position in search results ➡️ more reach ➡️ more clients ➡️ more money

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