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How to manage Business Profile on Google in 2023.

In November 2022, the Google Maps team hosted an event for local guides with insights on the future of this service. Check what I learned from it, and how this information helps you dominate the local search.

First of all, Google Maps will be a location-focused social media. You can explore a new feature - an endless scroll with the most recent reviews for local places.


For some businesses now you can add Google booking assistant, which will book business for you in a few clicks (also you will be rewarded by Google for using these features and climb higher in search results).

One of my favorite features is local stock: now people who are searching for goods locally can see your stock!

Takeouts & tips

If you are looking for free customer acquisition with Google, you should regularly do these 3 things:

  1. Add short videos about your product or service
  2. Add a booking assistant from Google, if you run a beauty salon, restaurant, or gym.
  3. Ask your clients to post reviews with photos or videos.
Watch workshop video and access presentation: