Google ADS for Microblading Studio in South Miami

ℹ︎ About Business:
Microblading studio in South Miami
Google ADS test budget - $500
Advertising period - January, 2023

First Google ADS case from 2023. We set up advertising for a brand-new Microblading studio in South Miami. The studio founder came to us with a request to get as many clients as possible within a limited budget. Studio has a business website, online booking, and a very little portfolio of microbladed brows.
After analyzing the studio's digital assets we suggest going with Google ADS because it allows us to reach a ready-to-purchase audience.

For advertising copy we used two special offers to get more clicks:
“Microblading from Top Artist. Get free 4-week touch up with the first session (save $250)”
“Microblading from Top Artist. Save $100 on the initial session this month.”

With these two offers within the test budget of $500, we got:
238 clicks
$2.10 cost per click

To get most of those clicks we added a popup banner to the website that collected emails in exchange for a promo code.

238 clicks led to 60 form sign-ups

The incentive email (email you get once you signed up for a subscription) contained a promo code and a call to action “Call or message to schedule an appointment”.

60 form sign-ups generated 11 appointments.

The tested Ads campaign showed good results: within $500 we got 11 appointments, acquisition of each client was $45.

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