20 new clients for IV Therapy Bar in Sunny Isles, FL

ℹ︎ About Business:
IV Therapy Bar in Sunny Isles, Fl
Google ADS budget - $1000
Advertising period - March, 2023

IV Bar in Sunny Isles, FL is a new business, they have a 🗓️ booking app with a good service/options description, and some reviews on Google. The company used Facebook advertising to get clients, but lately, they stopped getting new clients from this source, so they decided to try Google ADS.

We checked on intentional keywords like “iv therapy near me”, “iv clinic near me”, “iv infusion near me” etc, and demand was just about 1.5K searches in a month, and the predicted conversion rate was like 15 conversions with a $900 budget. 15 conversions per month are obviously not enough 😔 for a successful business, so I decided to add wide keywords like “iv therapy” and “iv treatment” and let Google optimize advertising distribution automatically.

With such wide settings, we got 35 interactions (like bookings, website requests to Facebook messenger, texts, and calls), and 20 confirmed online bookings.

The problem with Google advertising is that we have a certain amount of searches for IV service in the 5 miles area, and this is the main reason why we will get a certain amount of clients even if we had 3x times more budget. To get extra clients I suggest starting Facebook advertising again.

It is worth mentioning that while we did Google advertising, we also have Facebook Pixel (a code that collects information about website visitors and buyers) installed on the website. Now with data about 35 new conversions, Facebook is able to find new audiences for IV Therapy service.

Google ADS