22 new clients for a Med Spa in South Miami, FL

ℹ︎ About Business:
Established Med Spa in South Miami, Fl, with common for the industry treatments - injections, facials, IV Therapy, laser and body sculpting. Their main goal for the ads campaign was to get more new clients (without service specification). The desired action was - get online bookings on SPA services on their website, also calls would work.
Google ADS budget - $1750
Advertising period - February - March, 2023

My main concern was that despite many years in business, they didn’t know which of their services really drives new clients to the business. Why it is my concern - usually med spas offer like 20 different treatments with a limited advertising budget. This month we advertised 3 services:

  • Med Spa 500 clicks, CTR 6.2%, 30 conversions
  • Botox, fillers 391 clicks, CTR 9.1%, 27 conversions
  • IV Therapy, 79 clicks, CTR 10,1%, 6 conversions

Advertisement for "Med spa" keywords sent people to the Home Page of their website, and we got 10 bookings on services like chemical peels, facials, microdermabrasion and waxing.
Advertisement with Botox-related keywords sent people to the page about Botox, and we got 6 bookings over the phone and online.
IV Therapy advertisement drove people to the page about IV Therapy, we got 6 online bookings.

Besides 22 completed bookings we got 28 abandoned bookings. Still need to figure out reasons why people start and leave the booking page.
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