Google My Business and landing page for Face Affairs, permanent makeup studio relocated
from New York, NY to Naples, FL

Face Affairs is a new permanent makeup studio in the Naples area that moved from New York in the fall of 2021. They offer luxurious eyebrow and lip permanent makeup treatments with a high level of customer service.
We were approached by the owner of Face Affairs with a request for a comprehensive digital setup in order to start getting clients as quickly as possible.
Landing page section about lip blushing service with photos, description, price and call to action button.
We created a landing page with authentic photos of the studio's clients, descriptions of services and prices, and a business listing on Google.

It took us less than a week to launch the landing page and 3 weeks for the business listing to start showing up in relevant searches.
Landing page has instantly fresh studio's portfolio with integrated Instagram feed.
Optimized Business Listing on Google
Our service included setting up a Google ADS campaign, which soon began bringing clients to the studio.

Check out current search results for permanent makeup services in Naples, FL - watch the video below.